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Nelson and Belinda have been married a little over seven years. Nelson is a native of St. Vincent and Belinda is a native of New York are (for now) settled in West Georgia, USA.

Nelson is one of 14 siblings and Belinda is one of seven. If that is not enough for you, the couple is a blended family sharing seven girls and one boy. Why was the number of immediate family mentioned? So that you may understand, "Been There”, “Done That", still experiencing more! WE as a team Declared to LOVE through it, PRAY through it, have FAITH through it, BELIEVE through it, and RECEIVE through it. So, with all of those "Through its" - He has commissioned us to Help YOU, BE THERE FOR YOU, TEACH YOU and SHOW YOU - WHO YOU REALLY ARE TO HIM!

About Us

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Faith to Faith Ministries

Villa Rica, GA

Ministers Nelson and Belinda Robertson

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